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South West Tech is a fully technically focussed facility in Ireland South West, but our customers and students come from all over the world. We only sell gear we use ourselves on our own cave and deep trimix dives. You can be sure that giving you the right service and the right advice on kit is paramount.
We are not internet box shifters or discounters. Our expertise and service is worth paying a fair market price for your gear, knowing we will set it up, test it and configure it, exactly as it should be and sort any (albeit unlikely) issues as fast and as well as possible.
Our passion has been recognised by our status as a JJ-CCR dealer, by being appointed as an Apeks technical centre, a JJ-CCR service Centre and by being appointed to advise and sell on some of diving’s top brands including APEKS, JJ-CCR, XDEEP, SUEX, BONNEX and more.

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“We only sell what we dive”

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