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TEK-ONE E/O head

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Very narrow beam of light
Tek-One light’s beam is square, without any halo. This makes it a perfect light for underwater communication. 2200 lumen output and cold light temperature means the beam cuts through water and goes far.

New design
The housing was redesigned and is now more streamlined, smaller and lighter. It is still made from tough and durable anodised construction aluminium. Inside there are the best quality parts and components.

Piezo button
No more rotary magnetic switch that could influence compass readings. The new TEK-ONE is equipped with piezo switch, recessed in the housing. Change power settings with slight press of the switch.

Anodised aluminium housing of the head makes it tough and able to withstand a lot. The head is equipped with a comfortable goodman handle with additional holes and a stainless steel gland with spring protecting the cable entry to the head.


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